About us

The aim of Knowsley Enterprise Academy is to promote and develop neetTV so that it can become a sustainable  Social Enterprise.

We offer a range of media based projects to enhance young people's confidence, communication skills, teamworking, problem solving, presentational and employability skills.

Each year we hold a screening event at a local Cinema to showcase the films our young people have made.

neetTV is a registered Arts Award Centre and the young people on our projects can achieve Arts Award accreditation at various levels. Arts Award said “The quality of films produced is very high and the young people have clearlythoroughly enjoyed their Arts Experiences.”

Our aim is to grow our film production services to external organisations and private companies so that Knowsley Enterprise Academy can develop into a social enterprise.

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neetTV site plan

From our editing and audio recording suites to our dedicated classroom and green screen - view the neetTV site plan.

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"The Red camera is extraordinary. The Redvolution marks the tipping point of the democratization of filmmaking."

Dean Devlin
Producer of Independence Day,
Godzilla, The Patriot and Flyboys